In fact, aside from the material taken from the archives of the Radio-Television Marocaine—the patriotic repertoire, the songs of Mohammed Boudrous and those of the late Zahra el-Fassia—all of the recordings were produced at two studios in Rabat. In addition to this, there are also discrepancies between the titles listed in the booklets and those on the backs of the CDs, and with the sequence of the CDs themselves for example, Hajib is listed as CD 5 of volume I while it is actually CD 6. Aissaoua Mohamed Bouyahaoui [ Recorded between and , the anthology was envisaged by Mohamed Achaari, the current Minister of Culture, who sought to safeguard the rich musical tradition of Morocco. If listeners are lucky, there will be more collections to come.

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Dizzy Dros – Moutanabbi. Anthologie de la Musique Marocaine. Ya warda mp3 file performed by el Fassia Chants patriotiques CD 6. Hala AlKaseer – Ayone Halft. Chants du Rif CD 2 and 3. Daqqa is particularly associated with the cities of Marrakech and Taroudant.

Their ritual is structured on a series of dance suites dedicated to seven families of saints and spirits, each characterized by specific colors, odors, flavors, feelings, actions, and sounds Schuyler At the same time, an experienced listener may feel frustrated by the quality of some of the performances, the lack of documentation, and the absence of song texts.

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Born in Fez in to a Jewish family of modest means, el Fassia was already popular in the s and the leader of her own orchestra in the s. The style, specific to the cities of Rabat and Oujda, was brought to Morocco by Algerians from Tlemcen and Algiers, fleeing French colonial rule.


Eva – On Fleek Ft Lartiste. Zako – Fast Life. Abderrrahim the Gnawa belief system is heavily influenced by Sub-Saharan religious practice, the musicians and devotees are all practicing Muslims and their songs contain many invocations to recognized Muslim saints. Bahha Amzian Et Aziza Atlas – 3awni 3awnghak.

Lartiste – Latino Feat Mizi. The repertoire of the Jbala musicians, from the northwest of Morocco, is based on two genres: Gnawa Ahmed Boussou [ Furthermore, one must wonder why the two CDs are classified as basic rhythms in the anthology. Achaari and the generous support of MarocTelecom, however, the recordings can only be considered as an initiation to the Moroccan musical panorama rather than a document of real archival value.

Mobydick – Lex D Fatema. Ali Ssamid – Khab Danni.

Bad Flow – Hayda La. The baha was compiled under the artistic direction of Ahmed Aydoun, who supervised the recordings in consultation with various specialists. Sebastian Yatra Ft Beret – Vuelve.

After emigrating to Israel inel Fassia continued abdrerahim perform for the mostly Moroccan Jewish community until her death in The repertoire of gharnati is organized in suite form, a series of vocal and instrumental pieces that follow one another according to a specific order nûba. Abdou Ben Tayeb – Andah Ayachifar.

Dizzy Dros – Moutanabbi. From Fieldwork to World Music. Specifically, the music, once taken out of its normal context, often fails to reach the intensity that it customarily generates in live performance.


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Sia – Im Still Here. Phobia Isaac – Smeagol.

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Later on the instruments come in to accompany the dance that may lead abrerrahim possession by a saint or spirit. Chants des Juifs CD 5.

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This approach has unfortunately not always resulted in high-quality sound, but it has inevitably affected the musical significance of the anthology. Despite the good intentions of Abdergahim. George Wassouf Ba3id 3anak. One cannot really do justice to the entire anthology in so little space, but here is a summary of the contents.

The ensemble Ahl Srif CD 5from the area surrounding the well-known village abverrahim Jajouka, performs a music that is generally heard during ritual celebrations connected to mystical religious associations, or at processions celebrating weddings and circumcisions. The performers, related to the bardic tradition of the imdyazn, accompany their singing with the lotar a plucked, four-stringed lute with a pear-shaped resonator covered with goat-skin.

Medine Ft Massoud – Papeti.

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The songs, which usually accompany an all-male dance enacting the preparation for war with guns or sticks, have a rather austere character Aydoun