My Game Guru
The simple way to track games for the whole family in a single consolidated view:
* Automatic fixture and wet weather updates
* Maps to navigate to grounds
* Competition ladders
* In-app-purchase required to access games

Disclaimer: My Game Guru will use its best endeavours to ensure the latest fixture data has been retrieved for games but does not guarantee this. All association data is correct to the point of loading into My Game Guru. If an association is a My Game Guru admin user then data should be up to date within minutes of any scheduling changes but is dependant on the association performing the load otherwise if it's not an admin user then data will be correct within a maximum 24 hours . My Game Guru will not be liable for any changes to data within a 24 hour period that have not been reflected in the app.

The sole responsibility for ensuring data integrity lies with the user.

Integrity of data loaded into My Game Guru cannot be guaranteed and is a reflection of information published by your association.