Onlia Sense
Join the movement to make Canada's roads safer. Onlia Sense rewards you for making safe decisions behind the wheel. Using GPS and motion-sensing, the app helps coach your driving and shows you where you’re being safe, and where you could use a little improvement. For every trip you make, you’ll be scored on 5 key factors including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and contextual data. The app also helps you learn to avoid distraction-driving by keeping you aware of when, and where, your phone becomes a distraction.

Take advantage of in-app navigation that can help you reach your destination safely and on time. Complete safe-driving challenges each month to earn rewards for things you already buy. No good deed goes unrewarded!

Key features:
- Trips detected automatically every time you start driving
- Post-trip breakdown that helps coach your driving: where you drove safely, and where you could use some improvement
-Trip scoring on 5 factors: acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, contextual elements (e.g. time of day)
-Distracted-driving detection during each trip
-Earn rewards by completing safe-driving challenges and qualify for vouchers you can redeem for free stuff
-GPS navigation with downloadable maps, traffic and configurable alerts for school zones, sharp curves, railway crossings and speed limits